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Content & Copywriter

I Talk about:

Digital Marketing

Latest Digital Trends that help you stay ahead in the game. I write more as I learn more.

Mental Health

Do not ignore what goes inside your mind. Learn to accept and then master it for inner peace.

Personal Development

Constantly learning and growing to become the best version of yourself.

About Me

I Am a Digital Marketer who is exploring a lot and writing about my experiences

Currently pursuing Journalism and Mass communication, I love to talk about the internet. The times are changing and I am just going with the flow. The primary reason to start this blog is to improve my writing skills and getting my thoughts out on a medium rather than just my mind.

I love Cinema, Photography and Pop Culture.

I Started learning about Digital Marketing in the Pandemic Era 2020.

I also love to talk about Mental Health and Self Improvement.

Reading and Learning changed me a lot in the past year (2020).

By the purpose of this blog, I mean to share all my knowledge on this platform so that You can relate and We can build a community together.

If you want to talk about anything related to:

Digital Marketing, Branding, Mental Health, Self Improvement, Memes, Pop Culture, or Photography.

I will be available. Just hit me up on my social channels or Email.