7 Unique Ways To Show Social Proof Without Reviews or Testimonials

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  • Post published:February 5, 2023
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“I cannot get enough social proof because my brand is new.”  


Social proof is not just testimonials, reviews, or ratings. 

Here are 7 “relatively unknown” ways to present social proof, persuade people, and sell like crazy (examples included)…

1. Case Studies 

Detailed records of how you took your customer from point A to point B is valid proof. Bonus points if you can show your process, implementation & results to gain more trust. 

This is the best place to flex your storytelling skills for social proof.

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2. Awards 

Winning an award automatically positions you as the best of the best. 

It’s a great way to show how you’re better than most in your niche via icons, certificates, and trophies.

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3. User-generated content (UGC) 

If your customers GENUINELY get on social media & create content with your product, curate it. 

It’s a legit sign of social proof, and STATE CLEARLY that you didn’t pay anyone to do this.

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4. Certifications 

Being certified by an expert authority adds another feather to your cap. 

Plus, it helps people trust you more. 

Like genuine brands engaging in social responsibility are verified by B-Corp.

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5. Data/Numbers 

If your business has a lot of customers, revenue, or some form of data with high positive numbers, use it. 

The larger the positive number, the more likely that it persuades people.

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6. Getting verified 

Whether you’re a personal or corporate brand, getting verified on any major social platform instantly commands respect. 

Plus, the distinct verified badge is great for instant recall value.

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7. Celebrity endorsement 

Be on the lookout for major public figures or celebrities mentioning or posting about your brand or using your products. 

Big brands can pay for endorsements, but if you get lucky without paying anything, use it everywhere.

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