How Can AI Writing Tools Actually Benefit Good Writers?

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  • Post published:December 18, 2022
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AI tools will replace mediocre writers. Sure.

But it will massively help good writers too.

Here’s how👇🏻

The #1 advantage I see with AI is speed.

Getting from a blank page to first draft quick.

Because AI will help good writers connect the dots easily.

Once you get a response from the AI, you can search the output for:


And so much more to begin with.

Source: Unsplash


The good part is it’s a win-win for you as a writer hungry for inspiration to scribble on the blank page.

Speaking of inspiration, these websites will help you. I have personally curated them.

If the outcome is not what you intended, you’ll know what NOT to do and tread in the opposite direction.

If the outcome is close to what you intended, you can begin picking what you like and discarding the rest.

But here are 2 things to keep in mind before using AI:

1. Your articulation should be great.

Even if you have an idea that’s not fully mature, anything related to it should be communicated in a way that’s as close to crystal clear as possible.

2. Do your research in advance

Don’t make AI the lazy tool that does the writing for you. Let it be the assistant who knows what you like & don’t.

When you’ve done your research in advance and created an outline, only then can you get what you want from this magic box.

What’s your take on AI writing tools?
Let me know in the comments!

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