How Does Apple Get You To Spend More Money?

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  • Post published:May 15, 2022
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As of 2022, Apple has a market cap of $2.46T. Even after the online boom, Apple’s offline stores drive roughly 25-35% of revenue. 

Is it all product? Nope. 

Is it also psychological triggers? Yep. 

Here’s how Apple stores get you to spend more money…

1. BIG Glass Walls 

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Apple stores are a masterclass in minimal design. It gets the attention it wants with big glass walls, bright lights, and a positive white interior. 

You can quickly peek inside and develop a sense of FOMO. That’s how Apple gets you in.

2. Mesmerising Architecture 

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Get in, and you feel like it’s a tech paradise. The perfect combination of: 

-Sleek design 

-High-quality products 

-Natural elements like plants 

You might not want to buy something immediately, but you want to stay.

3. Latest & Greatest on Display 

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A shiny new iPhone model awaits you on the first table. Instant regret sets in about how much slower your current iPhone is. 

Plus, your liking factor and sense of ownership increase now that you’ve spent some time with this new model.

4. Tiny Price Tags 

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Sales are everything. 

But Apple doesn’t want you to think of its products as a transactional affair. 

When you enter an Apple store, they want it to be an experience you can’t put a price tag on. 

So many positives that price negativity feels insignificant.

5. The Ecosystem Experience 

Source: Google


Whether it’s an iPhone, Apple Watch, or a Mac—they have the same pre-installed Apple apps on display. 

It shows how seamlessly these devices connect, making them even more irresistible as a package. 

A perfect example of show, don’t tell.

6. Transform Stores into Town Squares 

Source: Google


Flagship Apple stores organize workshops in-house for FREE. They invite experts to talk about topics like Photography or Coding. 

While the customers may not buy anything—they leave with a value-packed brand experience.

7. Building HYPE for first buyers

Source: Google


People line up outside the store for hours. 

Apple shows appreciation by staging a red carpet, doing a round of applause, and even award-style photos in the store itself. 

It doesn’t feel like you’re buying an everyday item like a smartphone.


1. Aesthetically pleasing stuff attracts. 

2. Tap into emotions

3. Create FOMO 

4. Don’t talk numbers. Show value. 

5. Create experiences out of mundane items and make it your USP.

What do you think about Apple stores and their psychology?

Let me know in the comments!

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