Apple’s Copywriting Is Just 1 Trick a 1000 Ways. Here Are 7 Tactics To Repeat That Same Magic

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  • Post published:November 27, 2022
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Everyone wants to write like Apple, but they struggle with the how.

So I spent hours and hours reading, researching & recalling, and I’m convinced they use one trick a thousand times.

So here’s the ultimate copywriting tip to write like Apple with 7 tactics that’ll make it easy for you to replicate the magic.

1 Copywriting Tip

Tip: Use simple, contextual, and well-known words & phrases and then arrange them in a way that’s pleasing to the consumer mind.

This is literally what Apple does. With every copy.

Pretty straightforward, no? That’s because it literally is.

Let’s start with the tactics now, shall we?

1. Macbook Air

Source: Google


This excellent copy says so much in just three words.

It breaks the phrase “light years ahead” with smart punctuation showing a Mac called AIR is light, fast, and superior to the competition.

Reminder: Use short copy if you can make it as significant as Apple.

Tactic: Pick words or phrases you can break up with smart punctuation.

Example: Pull the plug is a common phrase that can be used with punctuation like PULL. THE PLUG. to announce a smartphone that comes without wired charging.

How cool would that be? I think I just gave an idea for next year’s iPhone, haha!

2. iPad Air

Source: Google


This is one of the simplest headlines for the iPad that plays with adjectives succeeded by benefits.

iPad can do a lot of stuff. Single word: Capable. iPad doesn’t cost a lot. 

Single word: Affordable.

The trick is to think in short forms.

Tactic: Use this template I just made up for your next headline head-scratching session👇

[Adverb adjective] [Descriptive word]

3. iPhone

Source: Google


Being witty is a skill that can be learned. And learning from the master, Apple, not me, will help you loads.

If you notice, this water phrase is another common one.

And what better way to prove the waterproof certification point? No?

Tactic: Find common phrases related to the point you’re trying to make.

What’ll help is Googling “Phrases related to…”, “Phrases about…” and so on.

4. M1 Chip

Source: Google


Apple uses contrasts on many occasions. In fact, I think if there’s one trick they use the most to sound like they do, it is contrast.

But the magic isn’t in that. It’s in the contextual words.

“Devours” & “Sips” are both used to describe consuming something food related.

Like you devour a meal, but you sip juice.

Plus, both words are descriptive, sensory & visual.

Tactic: If you’re trying to draw a contrast, use words from the same family.

5. Apple Search

Source: Google


Yet another way to bring in common phrases is to add repetition of a single word from the phrase with another line.

Top of mind is a known phrase, and it’s a great trick to pair it with a headline up top (pun intended) of the same emotion.

Tactic: Use the same sentence structure and repeat one word in at least 2 sentences. Even better if one sentence out of them is a recognized phrase.

6. iPhone 12

Source: Google


Rhyming never disappoints, and Apple knows it.

But the main thing to note here is focusing on the one true benefit of the new iPhone, which is how fast it is.

Tactic: Figure out the primary benefit of your product. Use one word to describe it. Find rhyming words on rhymezone that’ll go well with it.

Note: It’s not necessary to use 3 rhyming words. You can use 2 or 4, but if you know about the rule of 3, you know why Apple’s copy is more impactful.

7. iPhone 12

Source: Google


Being self-referential is good, and Apple knows how to do it well.

The transition from iPhone 11 ➡️ iPhone 12 was the first time that the S iPhone was dropped, and it moved to a higher number in a consecutive year.

As usual, that’s brought out by a familiar phrase.

Leap year signifies the gap year in the company as well as hinting how big of a leap the iPhone 12 is gonna be.

Tactic: Be self-referential and do it with a lot of wit.

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What’s your favourite Apple tactic?

Let me know in the comments below!

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