Here’s Why This Solo Creator’s Landing Page Made Nearly $1M in 2022…

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Justin Welsh’s (@thejustinwelsh) landing page made $1M+ in 2022. 

It may look simple, but it’s exceptionally high-converting. 

Here are the 8 *persuasive* elements that make it a money-making machine.

1. Headline 

A short, simple & specific benefit-driven headline lets you know EXACTLY what you get. 

The outcome has been clarified in the first 6 words that grab your attention.

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2. Subheadline 

Descriptive subheadline talks about the kind of content you can expect inside the course. 

Plus, the process of how you’ll get there from zero.

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3. CTA, Visual & Ratings 

The visual makes the course seem real & legit even though you cannot see or feel it. 

Plus, the social proof is specific, and the CTV button removes friction by using the word “Instant.”

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4. Authority 

Justin’s audience-building & writing audience can be persuaded better by people from similar niches. 

Reason why so many writers and marketing social media creators’ shining testimonials are placed higher up.

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5. Basic FAQs 

Self-identifying FAQs are placed higher up the page to manage expectations & tackle objections. 

This helps qualify readers before they move down to know more.

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6. Social Proof 

Big, bold testimonials from hundreds of course takers in video and review form flood the page. 

There’s a high chance that you find someone *exactly* like you who took the course and changed their life.

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7. Brief intro

Justin breaks down exactly what you get inside the course without revealing too much. 

But he does so in a way that sounds like a full-proof plan to get you from point A to point B.

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8. The teaser 

A sneak peek inside the course via a demonstrated tutorial immediately sells value. 

Plus, it shows the detailed process which invites confidence.

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