Branding Evolution is more important than Revolution. Here’s Why!

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  • Post published:November 7, 2021
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There’s an essential Branding Myth I’d like to break today.

The Myth is: Branding is Constant.

No, it isn’t. In fact, Branding, just like a human, evolves with time.

I’ve seen several companies do this. Thinking, they want to keep their branding simple & minimalistic right from the start. But what happens is the opposite.

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They end up confusing potential customers because nobody understands what their brand or product really is.

It happens because they think ‘less is more.’ 

While that’s true sometimes, it’s definitely not the case from the start.

Nike’s Branding Evolution

We all know Nike’s famous tagline, “Just do it.”

What most people don’t know is that Nike was started on 25th January 1964.

The year 1988 was the first time we heard the words “Just do it” from a Nike Ad campaign.

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Since that campaign blew up, Nike made that its permanent tagline.

But it took Nike 24 years before they could settle on something so simple like “Just do it.”

Nike didn’t start with that.

Nike started in a very niche sports industry.

Track running shoes for men. That’s it.

If Nike would’ve tried to sell running shoes with a “Just Do It” tagline, it wouldn’t have sold nearly as much. 

Simply because it tells you nothing about the product or the company.

Apple’s Branding Evolution

Apple introduced the “Think Different” campaign in 1997.

Roughly 21 years after Apple was established.

Because of the crazy response, Apple decided to keep the tagline as a slogan.

It can be seen on Apple’s product packaging till today.

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Again, the point is, Apple started as a computer company, and nothing like “Think Different” would’ve made sense back then.

Time and time again, Apple defied the norms and produced unique consumer tech. That’s why it wears the “Think Different” crown proudly till today.

It disrupted the space and defined their Branding by proving it every time.

Sure, a lot of their products failed, but the idea was to think different not perfect.

3 Factors for Startups to build Evolutionary Branding

There are a ton of problems that direct companies towards pitfalls. Branding shouldn’t be one of them because it is harder to recover from.

Here are 3 tips to avoid Branding Mistakes:

1. Simple: Your idea of simple shouldn’t be fewer words. It should be less confusion. 

What your branding should be


That means you should position your brand collaterals in a way that people understand exactly what your business is about. Even if they know very little about it.

2. Visual Identity: It usually sounds like an unimportant thing at the start. You’re more focused on creating the best MVP, but this is how people will remember you.

What you will hear mostly


The more brand visuals you can accommodate in your consumer’s head, the better recognition you’d have.

3. USPs: Get your USPs in place. Most people don’t even bother to talk about things that they bring to the table differently. This is exactly why they don’t even get a chance at the table.

With what you bring to the table


Your USPs don’t need to reinvent the wheel. They just need to be distinctive. What you do differently can become a principal factor for your customer retention.

Final Words…

If you give your brand a personality, it’s only fair to give it the means to evolve with time.

Don’t fall into the consistency-constant trap. You need to put in efforts to brand consistently but never remain in a single place for too long.

When you get this, branding would be a little bit easier for you.

P.S I’m trying smaller and crisper posts on my blog.

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