7 Timeless Copywriting Techniques From Apple iPhone’s Product Page

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  • Post published:July 3, 2022
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iPhone 13 generated $71.6 Billion in just 3 months after launching. 

As a result: 

-Sales rose by 9% 

-Stock was up by 3% 

-Profits went into double-digit billions 

Here are 7 techniques from iPhone’s product page that made it a global phenomenon.

1. Rhyme with reason.  

Source: Apple website


The first section of the page has a rhythm. That too—a very familiar one.

Oh. So. Pro. is a modification of a very simple expression. 

Plus, the design of this section is minimal. iPhone photo is laid out to fill the negative space. 


2. Quick glance.

Source: Apple website


Even while the landing page runs a mile long—the 2nd section covers it in a jiffy. 

All major features (with benefits) are listed early on. 

Plus, the UX is exceptional. Every scroll shifts focus to a new line by highlighting. 


3. Driven by benefits.  

Source: Apple website


Apple’s copy explains the feature in the first 3 lines. Then it goes hard on benefits.

Line after line it tells what’s POSSIBLE for YOU with that camera. 

Plus, the visuals compliment the feature being advertised. 


4. Talk numbers.

Source: Apple website


The headline uses the superlative. But that doesn’t tell people what’s in it for them.

That’s where number support comes in. 

It tells people EXACTLY how much more screentime they get with this new battery.


5. Mix art & science.

Source: Apple website


There are no special words in this headline. But the delivery is. 

-It uses the rule of 3. (Psychology) 

-It uses alliteration. (Art) 

-Places a full stop strategically (Art) 


-iPhone is pure. 

-iPhone is pro. 

-iPhone has power. 


6. Classic upsell. 

Source: Apple Website


Last handful of sections focuses on subtle upsells.

From services to complementing products & accessories, Apple SHOWS how your iPhone works & feels better with all the bells & whistles.

These sections are: 





7. Sell complementary visions.

Source: Apple website


Even if this is the last section, Apple makes sure that buying an iPhone is not all tech greed. 

It has: 

A bigger motive. 

A bigger outcome. 

A bigger impact. 

The outcome has a gigantic impact to alter the future. 



What do you like about Apple’s marketing?

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