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  • Post published:January 9, 2022
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There’s a copywriting myth I’d like to break today.

While most people know it’s about sales and psychology, they don’t realize how contextual messaging works.

Let me demystify it for you.

Take an example, shall we?

There’s a sports apparel and footwear brand called Nike.

Its tagline: Just do it!

Pretty great, huh?

Yup, it is. But does that mean the tagline “Just Do It” is exceptional, or the fact that it goes really well with Nike?

Go on… think about it.

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Can I replace the brand in the tagline to… let’s say: (Translated:

How does that sound? (

Just do it!

Not good, right?

That’s because of an underrated element of copy I like to call: Contextual Messaging.

What is Contextual Messaging?

It means delivering a message that matches the brand’s voice regarding what it wants to say and how it wants to say it.

“Just do it” for Nike is genius because of its short, sweet, and simple, but it’s also genius because it’s for a sports company.

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Sport is an area where decisions are made in split seconds, motivation is a way of life, and there’s immense pressure.

That’s why “Just Do It” reigns supreme.

On the other hand… can’t do the same because weddings are not spontaneous or casual decisions. They last a lifetime and are long and secure judgments.

Key Takeaway

A good tagline isn’t just a good tagline. It’s good, in most cases, for only that brand alone.

For every brand you write for, as a copywriter, you’d have to dive deep into what it is, how it became what it is today, what are the emotions attached to the brand and its customers, and probably a million other things.

Only then will you decide on the kind of words you’d want to use.

What really is copywriting?

Copywriting isn’t just persuasive writing to make sales by using words like exclusive, buy now, and so on…

It’s like if your brand was your firstborn, copywriting are the parents who teach the baby how to speak.

As the baby grows up, it develops a distinct style unlike any other baby on earth.

And that’s how brand voice evolves.

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