Good Copywriting Needs Good Patterns. Here’s What I Mean…

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  • Post published:December 4, 2022
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The human brain recognizes patterns faster because they’re: 




Marketers use these patterns to write copy that stays rent-free inside their reader’s heads. 

Here are the 4 ways they do it👇🏻

1. Rule of 3 

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Three is the smallest number that creates a group or a pattern. As a copywriter, try to think in threes. 

In your: 

-Bullet points (Up to 3) 

-Headlines (formulas) 

-Stories (beginning-middle-end)

2. Repetition 

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What’s repeated gets remembered. 

Repetition adds a rhythm to your copy, thereby creating a pattern of the same words spread across. 

Trick: Repeat the first word of a sentence at the start of the next sentence. Or at the end. It’s called anaphora & epiphora respectively.

3. Alliteration 

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If it slips off the tongue effortlessly, it’s easier to remember.

Alliterations make brand recall easier even if they aren’t immediately noticeable at first sight.

4. Rhyming 

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In rhyming, two similar-sounding words create a pattern. That pattern seeps into your sub-conscience as a way for the brain to remember and store it easily.

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What other patterns could you think of? 

Let me know in the comments!

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