7 Tactics to Write Copy like Apple Without Any Persuasion Tips or Psychology Hacks

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  • Post published:September 25, 2022
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Apple is known for its world-class copywriting. Most people praise it but don’t know how to replicate the magic for themselves.

Here are 7 copywriting tactics from Apple and how to use them for yourself…

1. Personification

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Apple introduces headlining features of the new iPhone as if they’re introducing a person. With quality traits.

How to use it👇🏻

Use phrases like

“Meet the new”

“Say hi to the”

“Welcome {product} to your family”

to dial up the HUMAN vibe.

2. Rhyming

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Apple uses contextual power words to describe features followed by rhyming. Makes it easier to remember.

How to use it👇🏻

Find contextual adjectives related to your product. And use a website like https://Rhymezone.com to find rhyming words.

3. Use contradictions

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Apple uses a two-line headline with contradictory words. One word enhances the effect of a feature.

The other word removes the objection.

How to use it👇🏻

Use opposite words for benefit & objections.





4. Be edgy with common phrases

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Apple takes the phrase “fix it in post” and spins it with an opposite word to describe their feature.

How to use it👇🏻

Look for feature/benefit-related phrases/lingo and spin it by saying something:




And so on…

5. Leverage wordplay

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Apple uses edgy & quirky wordplay to sound cool, hip & full of youthful energy.

The trick? Start with something that sounds familiar & change it to something unexpected.

How to use it👇🏻

Leverage literary devices like





6. Use repetition

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Apple uses a ton of repeated words to emphasize a feature/benefit and enhance its recall value.

How to use it👇🏻

Choose power words and repeat them in a way that one talks about the product and the other talks about the emotion.

7. Use colloquialisms rather than just “write like you talk.”

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Apple very smartly leverages phrases used in our daily speech as a way to talk about features.

How to use it👇🏻

Pick phrases that are widely accepted as a way to describe stuff without saying a lot.

Before you leave, I want you to notice something in this thread. Nowhere have I talked about:



-CRO optimization

-Writing frameworks

Or any of that stuff.


Not that it’s not important but…because A LOT of copywriting is still writing.

You can’t replace a good command of language & vocabulary with anything else. EVER.

What do you think?

Let me know in the comments!

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