7 Creative Copywriting Tips That Will Move The Needle For You

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  • Post published:January 8, 2023
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I’ve been a freelance copywriter for 365+ days. 

But if I had to start again, I’d never follow generic advice like “write like you talk.” 

Instead, I’d follow these 7 *genuinely creative* tips to nail my copy(examples included) 👇🏻

1. Use the rule of 3 

It’s the smallest number required to make a pattern and makes your writing more: 




Like this copy from an e-commerce checkout SaaS tool.

Source: Author


2. Use analogies 

It helps you draw comparisons with greater detail. 

Plus, analogies are persuasive because they are: 



-Easy to understand 

Like this wonderful copy from Porsche.

Source: Author


3. Reframing 

People react differently to information based on the way it’s presented to them. 

Make it a habit to present information in a way that makes your product stands out. 

That’s why I love how this RR ad reframes how quiet RR’s cabin is.

Source: Author


4. Use Anaphora 

If you repeat a word or phrase at the start of a sentence, it’s called Anaphora. 

-Holds attention longer 

-Adds rhythm to your copy 

-Promotes a predictable structure 

Like this @Allbirds copy that strikes the perfect balance.

Source: Author


5. Use Epiphora 

If you repeat a word or phrase at the end of a sentence, it’s called epiphora. 

Another literary device with the same effect as Anaphora. 

Like this speech from Abraham Lincoln puts it.

Source: Author


6. Be more specific 

Specificity invites attention. And attention invites engagement, which keeps a reader on the page. 

Be specific with your: 

-Target audience 




Like this simple copy from @Wise which tells you EXACTLY what it is.

Source: Author


7. State a Reason Why 

People respond to buying requests better when they’re presented with a reason. 

-Reason why it’s better 

-Reason why to believe 

-Reason why to act now 

Like this copy from App Sumo that states HOW they get you good deals.

Source: Author

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What’s your #1 copywriting tip? 

Share it in the comments below!

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