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  • Post published:March 5, 2023
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What is the #1 thing that makes a good story?


Here’s how you tell a story that keeps your reader hooked because of a conflict (with detailed tips & examples)

Before we begin, why do we need to pick a fight?

To create drama? Sure.

To grab attention? Sure.

To invite tension? Sure.

But more importantly, for people to make the switch.

Here’s what I mean👇🏻

Your readers want to achieve an outcome.

They want to go from point A to point B.

The only way to do that is to make them switch from existing to new behaviors.

But something stops them…

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2 progress-hindering forces:

1. Present habits, aka the habits they feel uncomfortable leaving behind.

2. New solution anxiety, aka whether this new solution will work for them.

But…you can persuade them towards a new behavior with these 2 forces…👇🏻

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2 progress-making forces:

1. Push of the situation, aka how badly your reader wants to switch from their current situation.

Pull of the new idea, aka how tempting it is to switch to something better.

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And your copy only converts when…

Push of the situation + Pull of the new solution >>>>> Present habits + Anxiety of the new solution

OR think of it this way…

Progress-making forces >>> progress-hindering forces.

Let’s learn this better with an example👇🏻

Take Netflix…and its biggest competitor.

It’s not Disney+

It’s not Prime Video

It’s not Sony LIV or Voot

Their biggest competitors right now are traditional & offline theaters.

And this is the situation for Netflix’s target audience currently.

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And to reduce the impact of progress-hindering forces, here’s how Netflix is picking a fight 💪🏻

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That’s how picking a fight makes your copy:




And…now that you’ve understood why picking a fight is important and how to do that…

Here are 3 actionable tactics to get you started right away👇🏻

1. Present your best

Source: Author


This iconic ad campaign made by Apple shows Mac picking a fight with a regular PC.

It positions the Mac as the “cool” device by cherry-picking the benefits.

That way, Mac comes out with a string front even though it keeps it “cool & casual.”

2. Offer unpopular advice

Source: Author


The ad acknowledges that VW is a small car with a small tank to pick a fight.

But, it flips it into a benefit by saying at least it’s easier to push.

3. State something unconventional

Source: Author


I like this copy from Slack because it presents the idea of replacing your workspace.

It’s picking a fight with a messy workspace, explaining how working gets more comfortable when you “switch” to Slack.

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