5 Elements To Nail the Above-the-Fold Section of Your DTC Landing Page

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  • Post published:April 17, 2022
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A DTC landing page is the perfect element to put your product in the spotlight. However, an above-the-fold section is what makes or breaks your landing page. 

If you can’t hook a visitor in the first 3-5 seconds, say bye-bye to conversions

Here’s how to nail it!

Here’s what to include: 

1. A hook 

2. Subtitle that banks on the hook 

3. Striking visual 

4. Authority 

5. CTA 

Let’s take some examples, shall we?

1. Start with a hook 

This is generic advice so let me explain further. The best hooks for a DTC landing page either explain an instant benefit infused with USP. 

Or generate curiosity by making a statement. 

I love these two examples!👇🏻


2. A subheadline that explains 

Headlines are what attract attention, subheads are what retain them. 

The ones that attracted me the most either expanded on an instant benefit or explain the process.

 I love these two examples!👇🏻


3. A striking visual 

The graphic on your above-the-fold section should be a feast for your visitor’s eyes. 

The trick isn’t to make them buy with the visual but to make them stay. 

I love these two examples!👇🏻


4. Building authority 

It could be as simple as featuring logos from publications you’ve been featured on or any PR you’ve received. 

You don’t have time to explain. 

Let logos do the small talk here. 

I love these examples!👇🏻


5. CTAs 

A single, clear, simple & direct CTA does the job. But since we’re living in 2022, it’s high time we ditch the boring’ol CTAs like “Buy Now.” 

Replace it with a more contextual call to value. 

I love these examples!👇🏻


I’d like to give due credit to one of my favorite marketing newsletters which is the inspiration for this blog post.

You should definitely check THIS out.

What’s your favorite above-the-fold section?

Let me know in the comments!

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