Conversational copy with Humour: Last Crumb Email Copy Breakdown

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  • Post published:January 2, 2022
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Why is this a Good Copy?

A step-by-step breakdown of marketing copy I found interesting. Told like a bedtime tale so you have a sound sleep tonight thinking “I learned a thing(or two!) about copywriting” even if you aren’t a copywriter or a marketer.

Today, I’m doing an email copy breakdown for a brand that’s relatively new for the exceptional copy and positioning that it has. It’s called Last Crumb.

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Fun Fact: It sells gooey cookies. (Yum!)

Here’s the Email Copy for you to ponder over.

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From the first sentence itself, you’re made to feel special about your decision of joining their email list.

What enhances the experience is using words like “taste” and “class.” You can bet that it’s the sweet smell of premium brand positioning.

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The voice has a tone of rebellion in it but that makes you excited because you’ve been waiting for better cookies.

The experience becomes so much more relatable by using common sayings as dramatic dialogues with quotes.

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The tone of voice shifts to humor from relatability but there’s also a sense of confidence because it’s so good that we might just stick our face in it.

Plus, there’s the scarcity angle because these cookies get sold out pretty easily. The wordplay at the end is spot on to keep the same tone.

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There’s a subtle CTA at the end with their cookie catalog being called cookie porn galore. That’s witty pro max!

Plus, being a visual brand, the CTA button says peep the gram very casually, like they’re talking to a friend. Genius!

The rest of the email has less copy and mostly the cookie porn galore that they talked about earlier. The photography is bang on! and the overall design of the email is quite clean.

This led me to create a checklist of what all this email copy did right!

In fact, I’ve done this before.

I call it the Good Gopy Passing Board

Simple copy with a conversational tone. (Check!)

Reliable writing elements like humor and wit. (Check!)

Simple and minimalistic design that doesn’t look over the top or shabby. (Check!)


So what’s your favorite part about this crispy email copy?

Let me know in the comments below!

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