How I Successfully Wrapped Up A $750 Copywriting Project In 10 Days

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  • Post published:December 11, 2022
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I recently wrapped up a copywriting & creative strategy project in just 10 days for a DTC brand.

Here’s how I delivered it in a way that got me this testimonial.

1. Research > Copy

I spent 70% of my time on research.

I literally didn’t write a single piece of copy till the 8th day.

Instead, I conducted extensive research for building a creative strategy.

2. Conducted VOC Research

I went through 100+ customer reviews, crunched them into bingeable insights, and formed a copy/message testing hypothesis.

The hypothesis included:
-The Good
-The Bad
-The Room for improvement
-The Questions that still need addressing

3. Went in-depth

I didn’t just find out problems & solutions for the product.

I dug deep to find:

-Use Cases

And of course features & benefits.

4. Completed an ICP Draft

ICP: Ideal Customer Persona

This included a statement that goes like

I wish that I could ____ so that ____.
My fear is that ____.
I don’t trust ____.

After completing this ICP, I went into even more granular details.

5. Granular details

The ICP also helped me find out granular details like:
-Interests & hobbies
-Favourite brands
-Product tried before
-Solutions tried before

To help me nail down who I was exactly targeting with my messaging & copy.

6. Finding objections

Questions like:
• What’s in it for me?
• Why should I trust you?
• What do I have to lose?
• Why should I buy it today?
• How does your product work?
• How do I know the product is real?

Helped me build a compelling sales argument.

7. Last phase

I finally wrote hooks for all marketing copy to be used across channels. After conducting in-depth research, it was rather easy.

-I wrote 20 hooks divided into 4 categories.
-One category was miscellaneous
-Three were based on common talking points

8. Outcome

The result is what Eddie said, “performance for the new ad is far exceeding the ads that they were running previously.”

Here’s what I want you to know…

Copywriting is not a shot in the dark.

If you build a system, you WILL see positive results.

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