7 Unmissable Guerrilla Marketing Examples

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  • Post published:February 12, 2023
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Guerrilla marketers spend 90% less than traditional advertisers.

And still, manage to blow minds.

Plus, it’s one of the best places to find:

Big ideas

Good copy

Great implementation

Here are the 7 best ones that’ll make you love advertising (even if you hate it)

First, what is guerrilla marketing? 

It’s an unconventional way to market your brand & create awareness. You are not using any tricks or tactics from a generic marketing playbook. 

Instead, you’re relying on a big idea, good copy & implementation. 

Now onto the 7 best ones…

1. Stephen King’s IT movie promotion 

Source: Author


The classic symbol of a sewer with a red balloon reminds you of Pennywise. 

Plus, the 6-word copy terrorizes you (if you’re a fan of the franchise)

2. Raising the roof NGO 

Source: Author


This poster is placed like a homeless person sitting on the corner of a road. 

Plus, the self-referential copy hooks you in and makes you feel guilty, so you care.

3. Frontline Itch spray for dogs 

Source: Author


This giant poster was placed on the ground floor so, from above, people would look like insects pestering the dog. 

Plus, the straight & simple copy immediately gives you a solution to the problem that’s perceived to be created.

4. Jeep’s 4X4 abilities 

Source: Author


This odd parking space is assigned explicitly to Jeep owners to show off their offroad capabilities. 

The fact that Jeep can tackle any terrain is communicated exceptionally well. Plus, there’s no real “copy,” but the “P” really makes things clear.

5. Nike’s bench

Source: Author


Nike removed the butt-warming part of a bench and titled it “run.” 

This was done to promote being more active. And while “run” sounds like simple copy…the subtle undertone is that if the bench is removed, you “just do it.”

6. Kit Kat’s hidden message 

Source: Author


During oral health month, Colgate gave out free samples of ice cream with a toothbrush-like stick. 

To remind people about brushing regularly, especially after sweet treats. Plus, the short copy on the stick said, “don’t forget,” nailing the message.

7. IKEA’s functional staircase 

Source: Author


IKEA created a printed illusion of drawers inside each step of a staircase. Showing how you can use free space. 

Plus, the copy is contextual & action-driven. Best part? IKEA can actually build this for you. It’s not “just a big idea.”

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What’s your favourite guerrilla marketing example? 

Let me know in the comments!

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