7 Ways To Write Funnier Copy Without Being Cringey

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  • Post published:November 13, 2022
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Liking is one of the biggest psychological triggers for selling. 

But how do you make people like you? 

Could be a million different ways. 

The most effective? Humour. 

Here are 7 pieces of laugh-worthy copy with insights that’ll help you write funnier copy faster

But first…why Humor? 

Because when you dial up the humor, people are more likely to remember you… And if they remember you, your name is likely to come up… And if your name is likely to come up…there’s a higher probability that they will buy from you.

1. Exaggeration 

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This copy doesn’t say, “sugar is harmful for kids, so we don’t add it.” Instead, they exaggerate an example. 


-Use the rule of 3 to dramatize the copy & make it memorable. 

-Paint a picture and then stretch it. 

-Repeat words to emphasize

2. Relatably Descriptive 

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Do it like Laura Belgray’s copy with tons of personality. 


-Using a metaphor to describe writing like a tall glass drink you pour 

-Absurd example of a lower back tattoo counted as copywriting 

-Visual words like “sparkling” & “gushing firehose.”

3. Transform writing into UX 

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This ad uses small font and brackets to describe the action of coughing. Insights 

-Use brackets, dashes & other operators to create an action/experience 

-Use digital advantages like bold or italics to enhance a feeling.

4. Twist a familiar line

Source: Author


This ad feels relatable because it takes a fresh spin on a well-known sentence in the automotive space. 


-Find out words, sentences, or phrases that you can slightly edit to match the context.

Harry Dry gave this wonderful tip.

5. Flip the script 

Source: Author


This ad uses sarcasm to say something controversial yet true.


-Surprise with sarcasm 

-Occasionally invite controversy. 

-Try to win your sales argument even if it sounds absurd

6. Unlikely Comparison 

Source: Author


This ad compares two completely different elements. 


Twist the meaning of a relatable situation with another relatable situation.

Bike ride → first date 

Harley’s sounds → no awkward silence

7. Use pop culture 

Source: Author


This copy from Apple uses the perfect line from pop culture to make their point relatable. 


Keep your pulse on pop culture elements like music, films & TV shows. 


Pick familiar phrases, words & sentences to insert in your copy.

But is humor always good? Not really. 

It is subjective, which makes it risky. It can turn tables & burn bridges. 

Use Humor if you have a good grasp of your: 

-Brand voice & tone 

-Audience perspectives 

-Product & market knowledge 

End of day, it’s just a tactic.

Note: find more ad inspirations like these here.

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