5 Landing Mistakes That You Can Fix in a Jiffy

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  • Post published:February 13, 2022
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Landing pages are hungry for conversions. You might be starving them if you’re making some grave mistakes that can be fixed in a jiffy.

These mistakes aren’t your irreversible campaign-damaging blunders but the ones that can be improved upon as you go or even just a day before making your page live.

Now that we’ve established that they aren’t life-threatening-don’t for a second think that they aren’t essential.

Like I said, only ignore these mistakes if you want your landing page to starve.

Here are 5 avoidable landing pages mistakes you’re making & what to do about them:

1. Disconnect in messaging 

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If your Facebook Ad says one thing and the landing page says something different, people will be confused. 

How to avoid: Keep consistent messaging by expanding on the headline from the Facebook ad to the hero section.

2. No Social Proof 

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People don’t trust brands. They trust people. 

Showing them how others have believed in you is vital. 

How to avoid: Don’t glamourize social proof. Just start adding screenshots from customer reviews.

3. No high-value offer 

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Here’s what a bad offer means for a prospect: “The money I’m giving away for this product is more than the value I’m getting. So, it’s an expense. Not an investment.” 

How to avoid: List functional benefits, no matter how obvious or silly they seem.

4. Slow load times 

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Load times are an essential part of customer experience, and no one wants to wait more than 3-4 seconds to see the contents of a page.

How to avoid: Optimize images and use a dedicated hosting server.

5. Not having a single CTA 

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Just because you’re driving traffic to your landing page doesn’t mean you promote everything. Limit the intention of your landing page to a single goal 

How to avoid: Multiple placements of a CTA with the same message & intention

End Notes…

All’s not lost. You can still save your landing page, so go out there and kill it. Once you take care of these five elements, your landing page will do the rest for you.

What’s another mistake on landing pages that you see often?

Let me know in the comments!

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