10 Relatable Situations about Consumer Psychology that’ll help you master Sales & Marketing

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  • Post published:August 7, 2022
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We all fall into these traps every day!👇🏻


Every time you think of building a fitness routine, working out, or a new sport—you think of Nike. 

It’s called Priming. 

Nike’s marketing wants to display motivation and a “Just do it” attitude to stay on top of your mind.

Source: Google


When buying a new product on Amazon, you rush to the review section. 

Trust on Buyers > Sellers 

It’s called Social Proof. 

The review section of Amazon offers real insights from real people to build trust.

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You were hoarding groceries during the pandemic due to the anxiety of not getting your hands on them anytime soon. 

It’s called Scarcity. 

Scarcity also directly relates to the feeling of exclusivity. Think of like owning limited edition sneakers or watches.

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You end up buying the most expensive tier of popcorn at a theatre because the price difference between medium & large is negligible. 

It’s called The Decoy Effect. 

The medium-sized popcorn just fills the gap otherwise, you would’ve bought the least expensive one.

Source: Google


You might consume a book or some video content in its entirety but only remember the gist of it when you explain it to someone.

 It’s called the Verbatim Effect. 

Reason why content is presented for easier consumption. Think of Section breaks and sub-headlines.

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You are more likely to buy an expensive highly discounted item than a cheaper item with lower or no discount. 

It’s called Anchoring. 

When you see slashed prices with big numbers, you are sucked into the illusion of a great deal.

Source: Google


You might not use CRED, but you certainly remember the brand because of its viral ads. You’ve seen those ads everywhere. 

It’s called The Mere Exposure Effect. 

The brand awareness campaigns were done in an absurd way to make people curious and try the app.

Source: Google


You are more likely to buy a personalized product that can be built from scratch because you’ll feel more connected to it. 

It’s called The IKEA Effect

Reason why personalized products cost higher and feel more premium.

Source: Google


You might fail a lot of times when you start without any external dialogue because you assume that the world thinks like you. 

It’s called The False Consensus Effect. 

It’s not until you’ve tried & tested anything out in the real world that you can arrive at a conclusion.

Source: Google


You are more likely to buy a product for the first time if it comes with safety or a sense of security, like a money-back guarantee. 

It’s called Risk Compensation. 

People tend to take more risks when they have a belief that it’s less fatal or can be reversed.

Source: Google


What’s the psychological situation that you relate the most to? 

Let me know!

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