7 psychological triggers with examples and (how to use them for your business)

You are currently viewing 7 psychological triggers with examples and (how to use them for your business)
  • Post published:October 2, 2022
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Marketers & brands love to talk about consumer psychology. But as of today… We know a lot yet haven’t seen enough.

So I thought I’ll do it.

Here are 7 psychological triggers with examples and how to replicate them for your business

1. Choice supportive bias

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We tend to feel positive about a product after we’ve chosen or purchased it.

How to use it:

Cross-sell or up-sell products similar to the ones your customers have chosen before.

2. Outcome bias

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We judge decisions based on outcome rather than judging it based on the quality of choosing them at the time.

How to use it:

Communicating benefits over features. Your product is trying to do only one job: To give a favorable outcome to the customer.

3. Confirmation bias

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We hear what we want to because it CONFIRMS & aligns with our existing beliefs.

How to use it:

Make it a part of your UX. Like Whatsapp uses double ticks to CONFIRM that a message has been delivered.

4. The placebo effect

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We tend to change our behavior based on what we associate with the reason for that change.

How to use it:

The simplest way to position your product in a premium market is by pricing it higher.

5. Inertia inaction effect

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We tend to reject new opportunities if we’ve come across & rejected similar opportunities in the past.

How to use it:

Use Black Friday/Cyber Monday to really nail down your offers with a never-seen-before deal, or people might not be AS interested.

6. Fresh start effect

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We tend to motivate ourselves to start again or start fresh when there’s a special occasion or a key date coming.

How to use it:

Keep your biggest, baddest offers or new product launches around special dates.

7. Noble edge effect

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We tend to give higher authority, value & respect to companies that stand up for something.

Like, social responsibility.

How to use it:

Tie your brand to a mission or pledge that’s tangible and easily demonstrable.

The key to psychology in marketing is not just to be in awe of it.

It is to:




And take decisions that sky your sales.

Hope this helps!

What’s a trigger you feel has a strong influence on you?

Let me know in the comments!

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