How do you get sold to without spending a dollar?

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  • Post published:December 19, 2021
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I love being sold to.

And so do you.

In fact, so does everybody. Let me explain why.

Most people that say “no one likes being sold to” mean how it’s a problem from the sales rep or sales team when they’re either too late or too eager.

If you actually hated being sold to, you never would’ve bought anything other than what’s known to you.

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Let’s take an example

Tell me, if you were to go into an Apple or Nike store right now, money no problem, wouldn’t you be excited to buy, especially when you get to know there’s a tempting offer right before swiping your card?

You would, wouldn’t you?

You wouldn’t feel like it was a cheesy sales tactic from either of these companies to get your money. That’s because of the way you perceive them.

They have spent countless dollars on marketing, ads, and whatnot to sell you an idea. For Free. 

  1. The idea of their brand superiority.
  2. The idea of their essential products.
  3. The idea of their culture and community.

And more.

That was the real-time when you were sold without spending a dollar.

When you realize how you were sold to, without money


The time when you went to the store, you didn’t go there to be sold. You went there for an exchange. A mere transaction. They hand you the product, and you hand them your money.

Everything else was set way before that lingering thought of buying something from Apple or Nike clouded your mind.

When do sales actually work?

Sales work like a charm when they are in a threesome with marketing and branding.

If your sales feel like actual selling, you :

  1. Did not market or brand well
  2. It wasn’t the right time or,
  3. You couldn’t really tap into the customer’s psychology.

The more I study sales, the more I realize that people love buying and being sold to. 

Marketing & Branding to Sales


It’s just the process of disconnect in communication that leaves their shiny credit cards without ever seeing the light of the day.

Do you like being sold to or hate it?
Let me know your thoughts in the comments!

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