Want to kick self-doubt in the butt? You only need these 2 weapons

Have there been times where you thought it’s too late now because of self-doubt?

Or the ones where you thought, why didn’t I think of this earlier?

Of course, you have. It’s normal

The real question is whether you have any regrets or no?

Because if you don’t, you’re in a very powerful position. If the only regret you have is the second question above, you’re on the right track. Let me explain why.

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Life feels like a constant race. It could be because of comparisons, self-doubt, or something else. At some point, you’ll feel like you’re running too fast or too slow.

I used to feel slow. Actually, I still do. Only sometimes. 

The pandemic catapulted us into digital growth. No matter if we wanted it or not. It’s good but, there has been a learning curve for sure.

When there’s so much growth around you, you either feel motivated to do better, or self-doubt creeps in.

I feel you because I’ve been there and it’s not a very nice feeling to have. It’s due to the pandemic I realized that the cliche “everyone has a different journey” holds true. No matter how similar your journey is.

Comparisons bring so much discomfort and lack of self-worth to you that it’s just not worth it.

The moment you peek into someone else’s life, you can’t help but compare and, it’s human. I know but, what I realized is that your growth can never be compared. 

After countless mindset shifts, I’ve concluded two things:

  • No matter what you do, starting early helps.
  • If you start late, success is delayed, not denied. You need to have the patience to get there.

1 Starting early-Surprise your self-doubt

The single biggest advantage of starting early is access to an expensive commodity. Time.

When you start early, you get time on your side to try new things every day. You’ll fail at a couple but, the more you fail, the clearer becomes your path.

As you move forward in life, you’ll have the privilege to experience minimum failure. It’s not guaranteed but, it definitely counts, doesn’t it?

For Eg: Most teenagers have internet access. They can research more on subjects like personal finance and mental health. It’s not taught in schools yet but, they have the resources.

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It means that you can take care of something much earlier than your elders and avoid direct pitfalls.

Obviously, it needs to be a deliberate and conscious effort but, you need to work your fingers to the bone.

Once you get delayed due to failure, you’ll understand how important time actually is.

It’s the fact that starting early, failing early, and bouncing back can make so much of a difference. That’s the silver lining.

2 Patience. A virtue, that scares self-doubt.

Do you know the biggest problem of starting late?

I mean yes, it’s patience but of what type?

The surprise test type.

What’s the surprise test type?

The type where you didn’t expect your patience to be tested.

The later you figure out what you want to do, the less time you have on your hands. The clock starts ticking and, self-doubt takes you hostage.

It’s the time when you realize that your patience is not going to be a lesson but a direct test. You won’t have time to study, but you still need to give that exam!?

Holy Smokes!

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The problem is that most people will plot a linear graph for age v/s skill. My truth is a tad different.

I think of it more as a Y-O-Y improvement to achieve that one moment of exponential growth. From that point onwards, it’s primarily upwards. All you need is one moment to shine.

Think of: 

Mark Zuckerberg: Everything that led up to Facebook was the buildup for that one moment. It was primarily upwards after that.

Michael Jordan: He started as a kid playing a lot of sports but zeroed in on basketball. In fact, he wasn’t even that good a player. He worked his way up to become the greatest player of all time.

You get the gist, don’t you?

Stick with patience if you couldn’t stick with time. It’ll pay in the long run but make sure you give in your best every day. No half measures, promise?


There are no concessions on time so make sure you treat it like the premium product that it really is. If you have figured out things later rather than sooner make sure that you learn to be patient in your progress.

Failure makes you humble but, the loss of time teaches you into being patient. Do you really want to be taught, or can you learn?

The next time you choose to do something, make sure to start and execute as early as possible. If you’re late to the party, make sure you show up with a gift called patience.

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The long game is only played either by starting early or having the patience to go on for as long as possible.

There is literally no other way.

I just realized that this post is going out on Independence Day. 

Happy Independence Day!

I wish you nothing but freedom from the self-doubting demons that hold you back. You are much more than what you think. You just need time and patience to realize that. More power to you! 


How has time and patience been beneficial for you?

Let me know in the comments below.


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