A simple trick to craft more compelling & personalized CTAs

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  • Post published:December 5, 2021
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You can craft the perfect copy with impeccable design and still not convert as much as you want to.

It might be a teeny-tiny situation you’re looking over, but it matters a ton to your consumers.

Here’s the ignored potential reason why your copy is not converting.

It’s the CTAs.

Oops, uploaded personal footage by mistake


I know, I know.

You’re like, “Oh gosh, stop it with the CTAs.”

“They’re just buttons. What can I do about it?!”

First of all, calm down.

Take a deep breath and read what I want you to.

Your CTAs aren’t just buttons.

Most people treat them like a staple item.

You write mind-boggling copy and expect people to convert with CTAs like “sign up.”

I mean, how boring and disconnected is that.

  1. Learn more
  2. Sign up
  3. Register now

These words feel so “where the hell did you come from?”

Your copy is like, “Who let them in?”

And you’re like, “Well, I had to. They’re CTAs, and this is how they’re written, aren’t they?”

People reading your CTAs


Nope. Change the rules.

You won’t call it a good hearty meal if every item is lip-smacking, and then the desert turns out to be shit.

Same is the case with CTAs.

You’re doing CTAs wrong:

  1. If you think they are separate from your body copy
  2. If you think it’s just a button, and it doesn’t matter
  3. If you don’t see the need of using emotions

Your number one rule should be to avoid as much disconnect as possible.

art of CTAs
Don’t let your audience feel disconnected


This means, use conversational or personalized words on your CTAs.

  1. Change “sign up” to sign me up!
  2. Change “learn more” to I want to explore
  3. Change “register now” to I’m so in!

You can tweak it based on your brand or niche. But did you notice how one can personalize them? And still, bring the same excitement from your product copy to your CTAs?

Just don’t let boring words disconnect your reader into believing, “This action is probably not for me,” because you’ll lose the sale.

You’re doing CTAs correct if:

  1. They feel like an addition to your conversational copy.
  2. They are well-defined and personalized.
  3. They trigger emotions that can turn into actions.
Go on! You deserve it


Final words

Just because CTAs are actual buttons, doesn’t mean they have to be boring or sound disconnected.

If you’re giving time and energy to craft a copy that evokes emotions, don’t give it all away with half-ass measures in your CTAs.

You can do better and stop caring about the size of the button, for god’s sake. 

While it’s an excellent practice to craft clear and concise CTAs, don’t sweat it even if they extend that 3-5 word limit.

If you have the bandwidth to fully customize your sales and landing pages, don’t care about long CTAs or big button sizes.

Just craft the damn message because if it’s targeted to your reader and speaks to their desires or fears, they will click it.

A parting analogy for my readers

Copywriting is a circus, but words are the ringmaster, and words will perform the visual acrobatics you want them to.

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