10 Underrated Psychology-based Copywriting Tactics

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  • Post published:March 12, 2023
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This took me 4+ months to learn, but I’m revealing it all today.

Here are 10 quick tactics to make your copywriting 80% better with just 20% more effort (examples included).

1. Incentivize action by making a creative offer

Like Amazon wants you to order something in the next couple hours, so you can avail free delivery.

Creative offer + urgency = Fast

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2. Think in 3s

Three is the smallest number required to make a pattern. And patterns are more memorable.

Whenever writing copy, make a bullet list of at least 3 talking points. And repeat them over and over.

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3. Speak in analogies

Use this formula: It’s like ____ for ____.

Analogies are…

  • Easily understandable
  • Memorable
  • Relatable

Plus, it’s a great tool to inject personality into your writing by drawing a comparison. Like this amazing Porsche ad.

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4. Small daily equivalents

Your offer won’t seem cheap when you give a familiar frame of reference to the ideal buyer.

Just like this classic Volkswagen ad that compares the monthly cost of ownership to 2 lattes.

Owning the car seems way cheaper now.

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5. Don’t round-up numbers

Let them be as specific as possible, so people don’t suspect them to be fake.

Just like this podcast platform did.

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6. Hook them with the word “Imagine”

And then paint a picture inside your reader’s head about the perceived outcome of your product.

Do it like Discord.

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7. Repeat the first word

Do it at least 3 times and add a full stop after a short sentence for dramatic effects.

I like how this WestJet ad does it.

Source: Author


8. Share unpopular benefits

Turn a disadvantage into an advantage in a way that’s real, relatable, and logical.

Like this Volkswagen ad that’s taking advantage of the car’s relatively tiny build.

Source: Author


9. Do a past v/s present

People are sentimental about their past. If you want to pick a fight, choose a modern enemy to enhance emotions.

Like this Timex ad that’s subtle & simple yet engages in banter.

Source: Author


10. Sum up at the bottom

According to The Serial Position Effect, we forget items in the middle of a list. But are more likely to remember elements at the top & bottom.

Do it like Jay Clouse’s membership page sums up all the benefits at the bottom.

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