Why you shouldn’t chase Virality?

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  • Post published:February 20, 2022
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Everyone wants to go viral but what most people don’t understand is the problem with it. 

Sure, virality is a great “event,” but it only lasts for a moment or so. 

Here’s why you shouldn’t chase virality.

Virality or going viral has the ring to it. The ring of being a modern internet rockstar. With unimaginable likes, views & comments.

The ability to reach audiences far & wide (mostly once) And the feeling of “made it.” But here’s what people miss out on…

The moment you go viral, you might be seduced into taking that road again & again & again… until it becomes the one most traveled by.

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And then you start relying on a SAFE formula that might steal your creativity and most likely your virality one day.

The idea isn’t to make your content go viral. 

Rather make it worthy and better than what you produced last time. 😏

Virality isn’t a controllable factor but producing content that is better than yesterday is. That should be your North start metric.

When you chase better content every day, virality can’t help but meet you somewhere in the middle.

Make a pact and keep it that way. So you never collide. But still, always coincide.

Are you with me on this?

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