Warm emails; The hidden saviors of lead generation

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  • Post published:February 6, 2022
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Most of us know what cold emails are. Some rely on it. Some don’t. Safe to say, it’s a little unpredictable, considering you don’t know whether you’d get a response or not.

That’s why my cold outreach strategy involves another gem called WARM EMAILS.

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So, you know how job boards get updated with a ton of jobs every day.

They’re so crowded that there’s not just traffic on the posting side but also on the applications. Once posted, there are too many unnecessary applications that one needs to go through.


There’s a better way to get in front of recruiters via emails that’ll get you responses quickly and more accurately.

It’s what I call WARM EMAILS.

The problem above is why most people hiring for their teams refrain from posting on a traditional job board.

Instead, they post openings as social media posts on platforms like Twitter & Linkedin.

Like this 👇🏻

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The good part is you can email them with your work portfolio, CV, etc. Because there is less competition. Most people don’t know this, so they’d never get to it.

Plus, someone’s already looking out for your email because they expect replies.

Here’s how you can get started with warm emails👇🏻

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Step 1: Use the search bar on social platforms like Linkedin & Twitter

Step 2: Type relevant keywords coupled with words that recruiters use. For Eg: hiring (your job role), hiring (your service), etc.

Step 3: Filter those posts by latest dates and observe if there are instructions to DM that person or if they’ve included an email.

Step 4: If the email address is included, send them a slightly personalized message with relevant information like your portfolio, samples, or even a CV

This email is what I’d call a warm email.

However, if there aren’t any contact details, DM the person directly and introduce yourself with a short & crispy message. Then strike a conversation and send your work samples.

And move the conversation towards email because, well, it’s easier to send work stuff that way.

If you’re still sleeping on warm emails, here are 3 reasons that might convince you:

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1. Warm emails are quicker to execute because someone is already looking for applications. They just decided not to go the traditional route.

While it’s a good practice to personalize your message, you can get to the point straight away without drafting unnecessary email threads for “introduction.”

Introduce. Show samples. Be done with it…quick.

2. The open rate will be much better because someone out there is expecting to hear from you. 

Whether it’s a DM or a warm email, the person on the other end explicitly asked for it. Even if that was indirectly…still counts.

You’d get a reply soon, and even in the worst-case scenario, you’d not have to follow up a million times before you hear something.

3. The competition is relatively less because most people don’t know about this (but now you do…you revolutionary lead generator!)

So, the chances of getting accepted or closing a lead are higher. No longer are you fighting in a pool of 500 applications seeing yours get rejected. 

Only to know it wasn’t even observed for more than 10 seconds.

Ending notes…

Warm emails are not particularly what I’d call a shortcut, but it sure is a cheat code. It’s faster, with better response, and cuts to the chase. If time is money, warm emails are your path to financial freedom.

Are you generating leads via warm emails?

Let me know in the comments below!

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