Warning: Don’t Get Into Copywriting Because of the “High-income Skill” Thing

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  • Post published:April 10, 2022
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I’m tired of the copywriting narrative that gets thrown around a lot. It’s a “high-income” skill. 

Sure it is…

But If your only reason for getting into copywriting is the “high income” thing, run in the other direction. 

Here’s the Copywriting story no one tells

First, let me get this straight. High-income skill is a myth. You can make money out of most things if you put your heart & soul into it. 

HIGH-VALUE is a better description for copywriting because it’s directly tied to revenue. That’s why brands want to pay top dollar.

Now let’s come to the part a lot of “high-income” seekers won’t like because they have misconceptions about copywriting

Here it goes…

Point #1

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Copywriting isn’t: Quick way to make money because it’s about QUIRKY short-form content. 

Copywriting is: A discipline of deep research & psychology to find what customers REALLY need. And you trying your best to express it with high-impact narratives.

Point #2

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Copywriting isn’t: Waiting for inspiration to kiss you on the cheeks while you tell clients to wait while the artist is doing its job. 

Copywriting is: Exploiting data to structure your research and build a system where you can kiss inspiration on the cheeks instead.

Point #3

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Copywriting isn’t: Just attention-grabbing headlines or strong hooks. That’s clickbait. 

Copywriting is: Taking your potential customers on a journey from headline hooks to CTAs while putting each piece of the puzzle together WORD-BY-WORD.

Point #4

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Copywriting isn’t: The fanciest way to describe your product or service and put it on a pedestal. 

Copywriting is: Explaining how you help tackle your customer’s pain point with utmost clarity, relevancy & a pinch of creativity.

Point #5

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Copywriting isn’t: A done & dusted scheme to have your way with words and never look at it again. 

Copywriting is: A never-ending battle between trial & error to see what works and what doesn’t.

Basically, what I mean is… 

Copywriting isn’t: Easy.

Copywriting is: Simple.

So don’t get into it because it’s a high-income skill. Get into it because you want to give life & personality to products. 

To communicate how seemingly simple things can change lives because it was presented to you in a way that spoke to you without ever saying a thing.

Why did you get into copywriting?

Let me know in the comments!

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