How to make your writing punchier with an easy trick?

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  • Post published:November 21, 2021
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With needle-thin attention spans, writers online want one thing only.

To keep their readers hooked till the end.

That does not mean to write hooky headlines, a lead paragraph, and be done with it.

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Because people will literally leave.

As soon as they don’t feel like your words can hold their fickle, wavering thoughts. That’s why it’s not just about starting or ending strong.

While it’s of prime importance, your writing should feel as good or even better in the middle too.

But how do you do that?

How do you hold attention tightly to take it home with you?

Is it even possible?

Well, a trick I use in copywriting can help you do it.

I’ve even used that trick in this very blog post too.

Read further to know what it is.

A writing trick that’ll make your work crispy and punchier every time your pen hits the paper

This trick in copywriting can work wonders for you.

It reduces word count, introduces a new word, and makes your writing crisper.

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Simply, because people have never seen that new word. But still, understand its meaning instantly.

I’m talking about combining long sentences into complimentary coupled words.

Let me give you some examples:

Don’t Say: My work is too much for me to handle.

Say: My work is soul-sucking.

Don’t Say: I interpret and analyze data to get meaningful insights from it.

Say: I do data-gymnastics.

Don’t Say: I’m following my dreams.

Say: I’m a dream chaser.

Don’t say: This ice cream tastes so good.

Say: This ice cream is drool-worthy.

Don’t say: People can’t find jobs after the pandemic.

Say: The pandemic started a career drought.

Coupling words help you communicate in fewer words, and the best part is it’s easier to interpret. 

People usually know the two words separately. 

But bringing them together makes your writing punchy. And sparks a different kind of emotion in your reader.

They feel like, “I know these words, but it never felt like this before.” And it hasn’t because nobody has actually presented it to them that way.

As a copywriter, you have the power to.

So why not start using it already?

While all that’s done, here’s,

How to start using this writing trick?

Well, for starters, I’d say this is a technique best used while editing if you’re a beginner.

Because there’s no method to teach this. But when you look at your final draft, you may find sentences that seem long-drawn and redundant.

It is at that time you try to connect two well-known words and couple them to make a new word. 

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The trick is to make the word sound obvious even though people have never heard it like this before.

Once you get familiar, you can start using them in the first draft itself.

I usually get this coupling idea as soon as I’m done writing a sentence. 

And there’s a little voice inside my head that goes, “could be said more simply, you know!” and that’s it.

“All that’s fine but,”

Does this trick really make a difference?

I’m no Shakespeare, but here’s what I have noticed so far:

1. It makes your writing more punchy. Punchy means people are interested. And it’s these short bursts of word-bombs (See, I did it again) that keep them hooked.

2. You are instantly more relatable. Because you’re converting complex sentences into known word combos. This world could do better with simple words and shorter pieces. If you’re headed in that direction, congratulations!

3. There’s no third reason actually, but this point is just to remind you that I dared to try these word-combos so, why can’t you?

Plus, it’s an art form, so you’re free to mold it however you like. This is just one way I love and works for me. If you have some that I haven’t heard, knock yourself out with the comments below.


Word couples work best for online writing, so make sure that you at least give it a try. 

It might or might not work for you, but it’s definitely worth a shot. 

Because writing is an art, and art is experimentation before it becomes a masterpiece.

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